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We offer help with

All clutter and clerical matters to include:

  • Bill management - assisting with payments and setting up direct debits

  • Correspondence management - including letter writing, reading, form filling and filing

  • Making appointments and phone calls

  • Project management and senior moves

  • Liaising with Landlords and housing officials

  • Communication with council and other service providers

  • Decluttering services

  • Pre deep-clean sorting

At Clutterbugs and Clerical our aim is to work at a comfortable pace for each individual and understand that everyone is different, some people may have one small area that can be easily organised for instance, correspondence support, other scenarios can be a little more complex, for example compulsive hoarders. 

No matter whatever we are presented with, be assured that embedded within our approach are core principles that are embraced in our ethics - flexibility, confidentiality, dignity, choice, respect, smiling and sometimes laughter as well!

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