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This is the part of our business dedicated to clutter clearing of any living space, by arranging timely sessions jointly involved with individuals to sort and organise areas of concern. 
Providing a discreet and fast removal of unwanted items and where possible offering assistance with charity shop runs, Ebaying or auctioning. 
Support can be offered with flat pack furniture, arranging valuer visits, furniture removing and small DIY projects to enable further progress or anything that enables a sense of space and hopefully achievement!

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Clutterbugs and Clerical

Our services can be delivered in unison, giving an ultimate solution to both areas if they are of concern. 
There is no typical way to do either, there is no right or wrong process, what is important is that work carried out is appropriate and works for you.

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This is the part of our business that offers correspondence support, including assistance with items such as bill management and the setting up of direct debits, liaising with Landlords, housing officials and other service providers, letter writing, form filling, telephone calls, filing and organising paperwork to individual's requirements. 
All discarded correspondence can be confidentially shredded once identified by the individual to no longer have any informational value if requested.

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